Checking Your Email on the Web

To check your email directly from a browser, click on the following link for your corresponding company’s Webmail login page:

  • Mother Lode Internet (@mlode.com) – http://webmail.mlode.com (If you domain is hosted by MLI, you may check your email by clicking the link above.)
  • Gold Rush Internet (@goldrush.com) – http://webmail.goldrush.com (PLEASE
    NOTE:  Your ‘Username’ will be only the FIRST part of your email address (example: for the address ‘test@goldrush.com‘ the username would be just ‘test’)                                                                                                                                                                                   (If your domain is hosted by GRI, you may check your webmail by going to:  mail.yourdomainhere.com/webmail and entering your email address and password.)
  • Hub3 Networks (@hub3.net) – http://mail.hub3.net
  • Telenational – for webmail click here.
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